Contemporary Commercial Glass Doors

Doors are the gateways into any house, a building or even a complex. They project and elevate the buildings external appearance. Commercial glass doors are a part of trend that gives a unique approach to the doorway.

Irrespective of the type of door should be strong, durable, owner friendly and also easy to maintain. Movable glass doors are currently gaining attention as they are user friendly and even trendy in appearance. These Commercial glass doors are replacing existing old barriers giving a new look to the building. Hospitals, hotels, cinema theaters  shopping complexes, retail centers, and business parks are found to bear this commercial glass replacing the traditional doors. This is because they are contemporary and also allow sunlight more than the other variety of doors.

aluminum storefront doors

Benefits of glass doors

Apart from the traditional doors, glass entry doors of diverse varieties are gaining importance. This is because they offer several benefits, which are as follows.

  • The front door with glass of a building improves its reflection. If some proper care is taken over their maintenance  they appear extremely elegant. These doors should be secured from scratches and free from stains for a much better elevation.
  • The exterior glass doors allow one to enjoy the nature by sitting inside the room. It gives a new feel of and a perfect external view along with lot of space within the living space.
  • The folding glass doors are available in any required sizes. As they are fordable the doors consume a very small amount of area. These are idle for use at any part of the house as they allow one to enjoy the outer environment in any season just by sitting inside the house.

Variations in a Commercial Glass door:

Apart from the regular ones, the commercial glass doors come with certain variations that include the following.

  • Exterior sliding glass doors are another option of these commercial glass doors but they should hold some perfect sliding glass door handles. These glass door handles must be strong and handy so that one can use them easily. These sliding glass door handles are available in many styles with hooks, self locks and many more. Apart from the handle locks, the tracks on which the doors roll on should be very clean. In order to maintain them, it could be cleaned using a stiff brush or a vacuum cleaner.  Applying lubricants also gives a smooth movement to the door.
  • Another category of commercial glass doors are the Frame-less glass doors. These glass walls provide a broad view across the rooms. These are generally preferred to be used as a room divider, balcony and pool enclosures, for adjoining room, conservatory doors, or to have a wide access to the outer garden. Also with a vast increase of employees in an office to retain natural light, and to maintain the degree of sound and other applications these frame-less glass doors are placed in the offices.
  • For any commercial complex attracting the people would be the main criteria so they should keep on updating themselves and it is only possible if they follow the trend. Storefront doors are a kind of commercial fiber glass entry doors which are commonly seen in the shopping complex. These fiberglass doors act as good insulators of sound and also don’t have the reflection of the outside atmosphere thus making it a different world.

These commercial glass doors are given a warranty against defects and one can get an extensive range of commercial glass from the manufacturing companies round the globe. O’Brien glass with care Australia, Belle Haven Specialties in North America, Sun Seeker’s glass doors, Dallas Window & glass are some of the manufacturers and companies that offer glass installation and maintenance of commercial glass doors.