Storefront Doors: How to Select one?

Storefront doors serve variety of purposes. From keeping your business secure during off-hours to providing an inviting entrance to attract customers, commercial storefront doors are an essential part of any business design. Choosing the right door for your business can help avoid troubles and issues in the future, as well as reducing maintenance costs over the life of the door.

Storefront doors are not your standard doors. With reinforced corners, heavy duty craftsmanship, industrial hinges and enhanced locking mechanisms, these doors are ready for years of heavy use and abuse. When it comes to choosing the storefront doors for your needs, there are plenty of options like folding doors.

Factors To Consider

To choose the best door, consider these factors:

  • Traffic: One of the worst things you can do is to choose storefront doors that are too small for your business. As the main way of accessing your business, dealing with a traffic jam at the door is not the ideal first impression you want to make with your clients and customers. Larger doors allow a smoother traffic flow while being reinforced to ensure long-lasting functionality.
  • Materials: By choosing the material that makes up your storefront doors, you are also deciding how secure and heavy the door will be. Aluminum storefront doors offer a lighter operation with added rigidity and security. Glass storefront doors provide a stunning appearance. However, all that stands between your business and intruders is a pane of glass. Chemical treatments and coatings can add strength to many glass doors at an added cost if this is a concern. Steel doors are the peak of security but weigh substantially more than other storefront doors.
  • Color And Design: In most cases, the ideal door will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding building. Consider the thickness of the doorframes and supports as well as the color when choosing commercial storefront doors. For a clean, professional appearance, consider matching the color of the surrounding walls. For a bold, modern appearance, choose a color that matches the trim of the building instead. This creates contrast and draws the eye to the entrance of the building.

Once you have chosen the ideal appearance for your storefront doors, considering the accessories and features can help to further narrow down your choices. From built-in sweeps to enforced closing arms, these differences can make a big difference in your satisfaction with the door.

Common Features Of Storefront Doors

·  Reinforced Or Electronic Locking Systems

These systems provide additional security over the standard tumbler locks. With thicker posts, complex mechanisms or electronic access control, these doors can help provide peace of mind about the security of your business.

·  Door Sweeps

These attachments help to keep the walkway near your door clear of debris while providing a tighter seal from outside temperatures and conditions. This can reduce drafts and help increase the safety of your business or office.

·  Reinforced Closing Arms

These are required with many wide or double door systems due to the weight of the doors. However, they are also useful in windy climates. During high winds, these arms can keep your doors sealed tight and reduce the chance of doors flying open uncontrollably when opened. This reduces the chances of employee or customer injury and helps prolong the life of your storefront doors.

Getting the appropriate storefront doors for your business is essential and with these tips you can easily get the best one. Visit nearby door hardware or check online to get a better idea.