Sliding Glass Door Locks to Secure Your Doors

Every house, a shop in a commercial complex or anything else will have a threat from the thieves who simply invade the place. To overcome this and stay in peace one need to secure their glass doors by the best approach possible that is through the use of sliding glass door locks that suits the glass doors. Home sliding glass doors or the store front glass doors are pretty easy to force open and so are always the target for any burglar to breaking in. This may lead to several security issues and so one needs some really reliable doors and their fittings.

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All about Sliding Door locks

Commercial glass doors are setting the modern trend today. These doors seem extremely elegant, user friendly and also durable thus increasing their use. Several designs of these glass doors are available and so do their parts that are being manufactured by various companies. Some great options of these sliding glass door locks are available that can secure the place from intruders. These sliding glass door handles can be installed at the bottom of the storefront doors, the ones that are fixed against the sliding doors, the ones that can be placed across the door, chrome plated door locks, door locks for cabinets and many more. These are available in various colors and coatings. They can be made in different dimensions depending upon the customer needs. Sliding glass door hinges with 2, 3 or even 4 points, patio door locks and more are also available. The parts like the key, lever and the lock specifications for these sliding glass door handles can also be provided by the manufacturers on customer requirement.

Repairing a Sliding glass door Handle

It is pretty easy to repair sliding glass door handle by following few steps. They include:

  • Check before you replace: Even before directly replacing the sliding glass door locks, one need to check and confirm that the door has some repair. Scan through the parts open and close the door using the handles and if the door locking isn’t proper, go for the sliding glass door repair.
  • Confirm the parts: Different manufacturers have various models of commercial glass doors and so the parts of them also vary. So even before choosing one get yourself familiarized with all the parts and glass door hardware like the latches, screws and glass door hinges. This will help you to use them and fix them properly.
  • Replace if necessary: Once after confirming the presence of all the required parts of the new sliding glass door locks, start replacing the older one. It is to be done by using the glass door hardware and by installing the locking cylinder in the main door frame of the house or even in the storefront door.  After installing the cylinder, position the glass door locks properly. Identify and place the interior and exterior of the lock in the door frame. Place the screws and fix them properly. Tighten the screws using a driver to ensure proper fixing.
  • Test and Observe: Once after finishing the sliding glass door repair, test in order to confirm its working. Open and close the glass door locks to ensure the door locking mechanism. Check for the free arm movement.

These sliding glass door locks are manufactured across the globe by various companies like the Wind Corp, Knobs and Doors Galore, Yill Hardware and many more. These sliding glass door locks are one of the best secure and reliable systems available for any commercial glass doors and thus they are finding a great use in the current world.