The Best Brands For Sliding And Folding Doors

When you want to put doors in huge entrances or on storefronts, you should consider the convenience of these doors. Getting two doors to meet each other at the middle is the common style but it is hardly convenient. Getting all these doors to open will probably make the person who wants to use them wait for a long time and the moving back and forth is tedious. However, you can use sliding folding doors instead. They are really convenient and especially because one does not have to bang them as they silently slide into place. Here are the several types of folding doors that you can invest in.


Sliding Folding Door Brands And Varieties

  • Wallscapes

    This brand is very common when it comes to great folding doors. They are usually made of aluminum and they come at very reasonable prices. One can get them in a variety of colors to choose from and they are every bit as convenient as they seem. Apart from being light and perfect for indoor use, they add aesthetic value to the house. These are the best folding doors everywhere and getting one of these will be very good especially for uptown stores. It helps you keep your store accessible yet secure at all times. They are durable and very pleasant looking, made of unleaded vinyl.
  • LTL HomeThis is another famous brand when it comes to the manufacture of good doors and other interior fixtures and decor. The folding doors collection is quite impressive and one has a lot of choice to choose from. These are the most convenient storefront doors and they will make the work of locking and unlocking your store quite easy. They are also less prone to accidents and you will not have to walk back and forth even if your store entrance is quite big. They are made with PVC and the hinges that are fitted are made of vinyl.
  • HafeleThese are the doors to look out for. There are several styles of the same in solid, panel and bi-fold, track, hardware and shower doors. They are very high quality and they come at very reasonable prices. You will probably be laughing all the way home when you get this door because it comes with the best features and for the lowest prices. They are also very durable and it will take a while before you start looking for another folding door.


  • MasoniteThis giant manufacturer of home and interior fixtures is not to be left out when it comes to folding and sliding doors. They have the most attractive textured hardboard doors that will be perfect for your home or store front. These doors are beautifully made. They are perfect exterior folding doors that will be perfect for your entrances. They can also be used as decorative folding doors because the textured design is quite impressive.

There are other great brands for folding doors but these are the most common and probably the best. The prices vary according to material with the PVC and vinyl doors being the cheapest and of course metal doors are the most expensive. Wooden and hardboard doors will probably be the best for decorative purposes.